Tapestry Takes


By Kathleen.

Today’s already been a terrific Tapestry-filled morning. It started off with a wonderful in-house brainstorming session (mega things to come!), and then I was off to Skype three amazing people for their introduction videos. Now, I don’t want to give too much away because the videos really speak for themselves, but I will let you know what to expect in the near future from Tapestry!

My first Skype session was with DC-based photographer Kate Warren, who is on the pursuit of investigating “visual identity.” The notion of identity alone is incredibly intriguing, so I was particularly interested in learning more about the basis of her investigation. She has some remarkable insight that I’m super excited to share in the near future!

After a stellar interview with the effervescent Kate, I Skyped with Ryan Brock, founder of Metonymy Media. This interview was particularly special because I was able to say a quick “hi” to my cousin, who recently started working at Metonymy Media. Ryan talked in length about the power of words, and it was especially neat to hear what compelled him to make the pen his instrument.

Finally, the morning wrapped up with a call with Eleen Halvorsen, a Norwegian fashion designer based in NYC. A penchant for learning and experimenting is what inspires her to create, and, during the interview, she gave a sneak peek into what her newest collection is all about.


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