Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition VII



By Kathleen.

It’s been an interesting week, folks. I think I’m always thrown off a bit when Halloween celebrations go on for what seems like forever, thanks to the holiday falling closed to a Nov. weekend. But I’m not complaining; it means I still have time to purchase some pumpkin candy corn. I’m thinking that’s exactly what the doctor ordered for a week plagued by tiredness.

a is for adorable | THIS TROLLScreen Shot 2013-10-30 at 2.12.34 PMSorry, I just couldn’t resist. It is the eve of Halloween, after all, and she’s just soooo adorbs.

b is for benevolent | Serious shout out to all the PNC workers at the Dupont Circle location. Not only do you kindly great me when I arrive, but every teller I’ve encountered has been incredibly benevolent. I had such a blissful start to my day after visiting this morning. Imagine how great the world could be if we all treated each other with equal goodness.

c is for ceaseless | The smidge of doubt I had about my neuroticism has been entirely eradicated and I have finally come to terms that I will forever be someone who is inherently paranoid about failure (but, to my credit, I have gotten a lot better dealing with it, though what I’m going to say next probably won’t convince you so). Despite the fact that I now have graduated from college, I keep having this ceaseless dream, well nightmare, where I’m in college taking an event planning class — esp. strange considering I’ve never taken such a class. Anywho, it’s a class graded solely on participation and attendance, and for some reason, I keep on failing to show up to it. I won’t bore you with all the details, but basically the story progresses each time I dream it. And even though I’m often somewhat lucid during it (because I can actually calm down my anxiety while asleep, by telling myself it’s a dream; I’m not longer in college), I can’t seem to stop my  brain from dreaming it. But, hey, at least I know my brain is creative enough to make up a ludicrous story, right?

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