Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition V


logoBy Kathleen.

[insert intro here — not feeling too creative on this end, folks. I always did struggle with writing ledes].

a is for addicted | In high school, I was the classic academic. Preferring reading a book to breaking a sweat, I rarely worked out. The only reason I wasn’t incredibly overweight was because I ate incredibly healthy. Come college, though, I realized my lifestyle needed to change. So I started slowly adding in some workouts and eventually landed on one with which I fell in love: yoga. The endorphins even convinced me to give running another try, and now I’m nearly addicted to working out. Though I’m still on a hunt for a yoga studio I can call home, I stumbled upon a pilates place that I absolutely adore. If you have yet to discover the magic of Fuse, please give it a try. I highly recommend classes by Ayelet.

b is for brocade | Ever since I saw someone wearing black brocade pants, I’ve been itching to buy myself a pair. They just seem so chic (spoiler alert for word 3). Fair warning, though: if you do decide to invest in a pair, be extra chary (GRE word!) when selecting. These pants should skim your legs, and the pattern should be minimal. Also, it helps if you keep the color on the down low. Let the brocade speak for itself! I_187839889_51_20130716

c is for chic | When taking into consideration some upcoming calendar events, it seems that DC is going on a fashion binge. Most notably & most permanent, we’re getting a Topshop! And there’s no way in the world I could accurately express via blogging how excited this makes me! UK-grown Topshop is kinda akin to USA’s UO, but way more chic. To celebrate its introduction onto the Hill, The Fashion Centre at Pentagon Hill is holding an event this Saturday with Nordstrom. DC-based fashion blogger Lacey Maffettone will be there to relay her words of wisdom. But, if you’re more into thrifting, I’d check out this event on Saturday instead. Next weekend, however, is when DC pulls in the big shots, as The Sartorialist will be visiting DC for Art in the Mix Festival. Held by the Monroe Street Market, the event will also feature numerous artisans & live music. Needless to say, I’ve already made my reservation.

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