Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition IV


logoBy Kathleen.

So perhaps it wasn’t too wise to select Wednesdays as the day for blogging, for they seem to be quite hectic in the office. But, hey, I really just couldn’t pass at the chance of using the whimsical, winsome alliteration. Plus, what’s life without a bit of craziness?!

a is for antsy (& antiquated) | Practically gushing here, guys, I’m going to homecoming! Squeal. I’ve literally been waiting for this weekend since, like, the beginning of August when I moved to DC. That sounds incredibly pessimistic of me, but I’ve so missed my college roommates, fondly known as the girls of the attic. I’m fully expecting that once I roll back into the small town of my alma mater, I’ll feel incredibly old and nostalgic (hence the & antiquated), but that’s part of growing up, right?

b is for beloved | As many may know, I am absolutely OBSESSED with all things pumpkin. (Except pumpkin pie — weird I know, but I  loathe the texture, so sue me). Anywho, back to the point. Last night, I decided to take my GRE teacher’s “advice” and bake! (She said baking can help us with our math word problems, as they often have to do with altering recipes. I think she’d prefer us to actually use the time to do the given homework, though). Well, I took her advice literally because, after all, it seemed like much more fun than sitting down and solving algebraic problems. Considering my infatuation with pumpkin, I decided to make something pumpkin flavored (keeping it ambiguous cause I don’t want to spoil the surprise for those who will get a taste at HC). To my stomach’s delight, I had some extra pumpkin left! So this morning, I took this 7-grain hot cereal mix I have, combined it with my coconut-flavored almond milk and added a heaping scoop of canned pumpkin! After cooking, I sliced a third of a banana, added a touch of agave, a pinch of salt, some vanilla and a whole lot of spices from ginger to allspice to cinnamon to, of course, my beloved pumpkin spice! And I ended up with this masterpiece!







c is for catchy | For those Washingtonians not headed to the middle-of-nowhere, Pa. this weekend, make sure to check out Artisphere’s celebratory event this Saturday, which commemorates its birthday & the Andy Warhol exhibit Silver Clouds currently on display. They’ve already nailed down a catchy theme, Night of 1,000 Andys, and a pretty killer lineup, so it seems like it’ll be a memorable experience. Ohh, and I almost forgot to mention, it’s a dance party. Wouldn’t Andy just love that? For details, check Artisphere’s website. And please tell me you’ve seen the buzzfeed post that this pic. came from! Quite adorable. enhanced-buzz-21017-1381093731-4

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