Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition III


logoBy Kathleen.

My, oh my, is it getting late. Today was a busy one, so much so that I almost didn’t have time to write down my ABCs. But, all is not lost; I’m just sorry if they appear a bit rushed.

a is for academic ?| Guys, I went back to school this week. Well, sort of. I began a GRE-prep class and was transported back to elementary school where fractions are sooo not your best friend. Fortunately, for me, the math portion doesn’t matter too terribly much because I’m pursuing a field in the humanities — but, still, it was nearly all the arithmetic I could handle for life.

b is for balsamic | On Sunday, my parents came to visit (yay!), and we went to the Eastern Market (classic, I know). But it was the first time all of us had been there, so it was a new adventure for us! While there, we stumbled upon Sapore — or rather, I was easily enticed by sapore-homepage_05the sign that daintily screamed FREE tasting of dark chocolate balsamic vinegar. Now, the (dark) chocoholic in me just couldn’t resist, so I dragged my parents into the store and proceeded to test a number of its gourmet olive oils and vinegars. Those who know me probably think I walked away with the dark chocolate vinegar in hand, but actually I went for the blackberry balsamic. And this morning I tested it out for breakfast! After purchasing a ripe pear, I went home and glazed it in the frying pan with the sweet, slightly tangy vinegar, and, boy, was it divine. I paired the luscious pear with some Greek yogurt, Kashi cereal and a few tart cherries, all sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon, allspice and ginger. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

c is for curious | Checkin’ out my first DC art fair this weekend, and I’m volunteering at the box office for it. Drop by to say ‘hi’ to me and go (e)merge yourself in some crazy, cool contemporary art.

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