Tapestry: Kim Cameron


By Kathleen.

If you’re from DC, you’re well aware that the weather has been delightfully dreary this past week. We finally have the fall chill back (hooray!), but unfortunately it’s been accompanied by a sunless sky. As someone who is super affected by the weather, you may think that these conditions would’ve created a melancholy me — but fortunately that wasn’t the case this week, as I’ve been looking forward all week to 20/20′s Tapestry shoot with the fabulous DC-based pop star Kim Cameron. And it didn’t disappoint.

kim cameron

Kim brought the camera to life with her moving stories about her empowering song “My Hero” and with her own stories of why music, in particular, inspires and speaks to her. You won’t want to miss hearing those and more once the video goes live.

And, of course, I can’t forget to mention another especially fantastic element of this shoot: Kim brought along her eight-year-old protege, Emma, who was absolutely adorable and incredibly precious. I literally wanted to take her home with me (kidding, of course).

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