Tapestry: Andrea Paltzer


By Kathleen.

Here's Andrea! Photo courtesy of EEP's website.

Here’s Andrea! Photo courtesy of EEP’s website.

Another Tapestry plug or behind-the-scenes take — guess it depends on how you look at. But I just got off a Skype call with the nomadic Andrea Paltzer, who often travels from London to Nicaragua and back. Yet her voyages aren’t for her own benefit. As the founder of the Earth Education Project, she and her team empower women in La Chureca by teaching them how to recycle paper by hand and turn it into artisan products. The profit from their labor supplies these women with money & food. For more information about the remarkable charity, make sure to check out its website. Additionally, check back for a future Tapestry telling and for onsite footage from EEP.

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