Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays


By Kathleen.

Hey, all. Each Wednesday — because why not choose the center of the week to spice it up a bit? — I’ll try to relay my A, B, Cs of the week. I mean, I hear it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, so I’m going to at least attempt to follow suit weekly. So, presenting this week:


a is for adventurous |   While DC hits the books this weekend, I’m going to make the trek to NYC to see a different sort of books. As someone who loves contemporary art and literature, I’m incredibly excited that I have the chance to attend Printed Matter, Inc.‘s The NY Art Book Fair. Though of course I’m looking forward to seeing all of the amazing artist books, I’m particularly excited to partake in some of the seminars, especially Fluid Dynamics: Pedagogy in the Expanded Field. Just be glad you’re not my sister because I’m practically forcing her to come with me and have been talking her ear off about the fair for at least the past month.


b is for brisk | Finally, finally my favorite season is (nearly) here: Fall. I’m saying (nearly) because I really don’t want to jinx the lovely brisk weather we’ve been having here in DC. I absolutely love throwing on a fall coat, warm scarf and fabulous booties each morning. Please let is never, ever stop. For some beautiful boots (gotta support the bs)  to adorn your feet in this brisk weather, I’d recommend a venture to Anthropologie. Yeah, they might break the bank a tad, but for boots, you’ll want something that’ll last. Personally, I’m eyeing up these:






c is for culinary | Sundays are literally my favorite day of the week and not because they’re typically considered the day of rest. Rather, I’m always pumped when they come around because it means I get to attend the Farmers Market. And, as a vegetarian, fresh produce is a God send. This week I picked up fresh figs & nectarines. I paired the succulent combo with punchy arugula & goat cheese (BTW the name of the goat cheese, Merry Goat Round, is adorable). Alas, I did have to make a trip to the typical grocery story to finish off the salad with delicious pistachios. eb64efb6209a11e383fe22000a1faeaf_7

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