Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition II



By Kathleen.

Hello, again. This week sure is flying by, but thankfully I remembered to pen this week’s blog post because, really, who could survive without my ABCs.

a is for amateur | Last night, I went with my dear friend (hi, Lauren!) to check out the free swing dancing lessons at The Jam Cellar. We’re both still D.C. newbies, so we figured we’d give it a try — and I gotta say, it was pretty fun, despite my inexperience at the Lindy Hop. imagesAs expected, though, the ratio of guys to gals was way off, so I took one for the team and was a leader for the night. This proved particularly interesting because I soon found out that the Lindy Hop is fairly similar to the Jive — and though I’m no master of the Jive, I did recently learn the follower version in college. So, you may be able to imagine the confusion I had last night, when I was attempting to rock step with my left foot first. Essentially, what this all means is I need to find myself a partner. Any takers?

b is for booked | Saturday is looking like it’s going to be crazy, folks. I mean, I know there’s always a lot to do in the District, but so much has caught my eye for this Saturday. Here’s my rundown:

  1. DCVegFest
  2. Crafty Bastards
  3. (Volunteer training session for (e)merge art fair)
  4. SW ArtsFest
  5. Art All Night

c is for cosmetic  | On Monday, 20/20 Productions interviewed Morgan Hungerford of Panda Head for our Tapestry project, and she had on the most amazing, neon pink lipstick. And it made me think how we really all should be more bold with our lipstick choices. So, I promptly ordered this gorgeous Dior color called Sunset Boulevard, which I think will be particularly perfect for fall. But don’t fret — I didn’t order it without testing it out first, so I think it works for my complexion, too. s1397744-main-hero

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