DC to see 1st District Flea market


By Kathleen.

Okay, D.C., part of me hates to admit this, but you’re growing on me.

Earl's Closet, courtesy of http://districtflea.com/

Earl’s Closet, courtesy of http://districtflea.com/

Though I may still argue incessantly with my one friend about your crazily confusing diagonal roads (you couldn’t have just stuck to a grid?), I’m beginning to see why one may prefer you to NYC. If you remember waaaay back to the beginning of August, I originally had my heart set on the Big Apple. If you don’t remember, here’s a refresher. (hint, hint: I’m still on the hunt for a yoga studio).

But, alas, with this latest news (sorry to bury the lede), I might just be convinced that DC is on par with NYC. This Saturday, DC will host its first ever District Flea market. Brought to us by the lovely, experienced production crew of Brooklyn Flea, it’s sure to be a winner. I mean, common’, who doesn’t love fabulous food, quirky fashions and artisanal goods?!

Piemonte Biscotti, courtesy of http://districtflea.com/

Piemonte Biscotti, courtesy of http://districtflea.com/

So, make your way over to the U Street Corridor between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. — just don’t get there before me because I don’t want you snagging any of the killer finds. Kidding, of course.


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