Teen Choice Awards: Fashion Edition


By Kathleen.

Now, I can’t say I’m really one to watch the Teen Choice Awards, as frankly, even when I was a teen, I was never too psyched by it. But I’ve always had a soft spot for red carpets, which is why I was excited this morning to check out what the celebs donned to last night’s event. So without further ado, here’s my list of the best and worst dressed of the night.




For the gals, the three front runners were Crystal Reed, Lily Collins and Nina Dobrev. Both Nina and Crystal opted for the trendy jumpsuit/pant suit look, but what worked particularly well for both was how fitted each outfit was. The proportions were right on, helping to create the allusion of curves for each. I particularly loved the fabric of Nina’s suit, as it conjured up images of the cosmos and spray paint. What could possibly be more fun and more appropriate for a Teen Choice Awards, in the heat of the summer? Though Crystal strayed away from funky color, she added a pop of it to her black-and-white outfit with bright red lips — a traditional, yet timeless method to add some pizazz. I also have a love affair with shoes, and Crystal’s shoes were killer. The slate gray color combined with the pointy toe created an edgy, yet sophisticated vibe.


Also nailing it in the outfit tailoring department was Lily Collins. Her ensemble established the perfect hourglass shape, while the funky palm trees and playful shape of the skirt kept it youthful. Though the skirt’s tail may seem odd to some, I thought it added an unexpected twist.


As for the guys, Skylar Astin, Cody Simpson and the Jonas Brothers hit it right on the mark. Like I said before, I have an affinity for shoes, and I practically swooned over Skylar’s choice of footwear. I’m totally digging the bright blue oxfords, complete with lime green laces. Though I personally would have chosen a lighter colored jacket, I appreciate that he tried to dress up his outfit with a tailored look. Cody also decided to add some flair to his outfit with a pop of blue, but it wasn’t in his shoes. Rather, his eccentricity came out on the edges of his sleeves. And though barely noticeable, he layered a hatched shirt on top of the collared shirt, adding an unexpected texture to the look.


The Jonas Brothers also kept it classy by wearing ensembles that clearly worked together but weren’t too matchy-matchy. I adored their fitted leather jackets, each in a different color. And the dark blue jean washes kept things casual, while still appropriate for the red carpet.


And now for the worst dressed women. Topping the list would have to be JWoww, and all I can really say is wow. From the overkill on the sparkles to the wretched train on the dress to the odd-looking shoes, JWoww looked like she was a freshman ready for her first high school formal. I can’t imagine that’s what she was trying to go for. I mean, I know it is the Teen Choice Awards, but that doesn’t mean she should dress like she’s 14. Next up would be Tamera and Tia Mowry. Though I could handle their somewhat strange fashion decisions on “Sister, Sister,” these outfits were a little too much. With their boxy shapes, neither outfit worked well for their bodies. The cuts were just totally off. Lastly, Anna Camp missed the mark. Anna’s dress was like something Tinker Bell would wear, if she performed professionally as an ice figure skater. The lace combined with the color and style of the dress didn’t do Anna any favors.


While there was nothing incredibly wrong with Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s outfit, it was incredibly boring. His ensemble was vaguely familiar of what a high school teacher might wear, and personally, I think you should take a little more risk, if you plan on walking the red carpet. But you probably should not take as much risk as Nelly did with his outfit. Look, I get that he’s Nelly, but that still shouldn’t mean I should forgive him for wearing trash bag-looking shorts and sneakers on the red carpet. It’s one thing to have a casual vibe and another thing entirely to look like you could’ve just come from the gym. Finally, Ed Sheeran’s ensemble seemed slightly scruffy. It’s difficult to pull off denim on denim, and he didn’t quite make it. The scrunched up jeans and bulky shoes only made his legs look even shorter, and I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I’m just not feeling those two denims together.


Alright, folks, well that’s about it in my book. Who were some of your favorites? And who did you think completely botched the red carpet?

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