#ManicureMonday: Grunge Nail Art




By Kathleen.

Happy Monday, y’all! Mondays seem to have a bad rep. Yeah, sure, they hark in a new week of work, but shouldn’t you feel rejuvenated from a (hopefully) relaxing weekend? Personally, I think Tuesdays are the worst. They’re when you begin to feel the slump of what seems like a never-ending week. Most of the time, though, I try to stay positive because we really shouldn’t wish away time! That’s why I’m particularly a fan of the #manicuremonday trend; it’s something to look forward to, something to brighten your day just a bit, something to inspire creativity and community. And here, at the home of OJBG, we’re all about the 90s grunge. So, I thought I’d compile a post with some pretty rad DIY, grunge-inspired nails. I can’t personally take credit for any of these ideas (sad, I know), but I thought I could at least create a mecca of sorts, where people could glean inspiration and perhaps share some of their own grunge nail art ideas.

For instructions on how to make the acid-wash jeans nails (upper left picture), check out here.

For the upper right picture, look here.

For the glittery, summery nails that are shockingly grunge (bottom left), find instructions here.

And finally, those babes who love neon can learn how to make the bottom right nails here.

Any of the above options strike your fancy? Or do you have one of your own neat trends to share??

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