Friends, it’s Shark Week.








Now, I like the Discovery Channel on other non-holiday days. That have some great shots of cuddly and feral looking polar bears and they tell me which insects not to eat in the Amazon. But at best, it only ekes out a #16 or 17 spot in my top 20 tv channels. But this week, this glorious display of sharky goodness, is holier than any other tv week. And it’s almost over! So tune in for the following reasons:

1. JAWS is much less scary when you realize that he’s in more trouble than you are.

Sharks are hunted worldwide- for their meat, skin, and because they often fall accidentally into fish nets around the globe. As many as a 100 million sharks are killed each year. They are the King of the Underwater, but they don’t stand a chance to Homo Sapien. So check out Shark Week to see how we can save our sharp-toothed lovable devils of the sea. Because JAWS will actually be the lamest movie ever if Great Whites ever become extinct…..Plus, did you know more people die from falling off chairs than being attacked by sharks? Better let grandma know it’s safe to go in the water.








2. Ain’t no party like a Shark Week party.

Shark clothing, shark blankies, shark gummies, shark napkins, shark punch, shark wine (add aqua food dye). The list can go on and on. A friend of mine has a remote controlled shark that flies around the room pretending to eat people. She also makes Sharky sweatshirts (jaws and eyes included). Sharks are common ground for everyone. Instead of your friends attacking each other, watch slippery sea creatures attack other hopeless victims.

3. Shark Week Saves

It’s been a summer of explosive drama in the capitol, nation, and the world. So much has happened, that sometimes it’s nice to just sit on your couch and learn how Paramount Pictures made Bruce the robotic Shark. Forget politics. Forgot how the heat has scorched your prized tomatoes. Forgot the commute from work, and how you feel cheated by Alex Rodriguez.

For right now, it’s just you and the sharks.


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