D.C. Newbie


By Kathleen.

Hello, everyone! My name is Kathleen, and I recently moved to D.C. to work for 20/20 Productions. So far, I’ve been in training — learning the nitty gritty behind OJBG social media and InDesign (for the series’ new books!). I just graduated this past May from Penn State with a degree in art history.

Often finding intrigue and delight in multiple facets of life, I’ve never really been a decisive person. Sure, I was able to eventually nail down a major, but almost anytime I enrolled in a class outside my major, I found myself questioning whether I made the right decision.

Courtesy of therealdeal.com

Courtesy of therealdeal.com

One thing, however, seemed certain — I knew I wanted to find my place somewhere in the ambiguous, vague “art world,” which, to me, meant I was moving to the Big Apple after graduation. And I was entirely sold on the idea. Fast forward a few years, and just last weekend, I moved into my first apartment outside of the converted attic I lived in while at school. But, surprise(!), my empty boxes are not currently crowding the floor of a NYC-highrise. I’ve moved to our nation’s capital — also obviously the stomping grounds of the cast of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden.

Though to some this move might not seem totally off the map, I was completely convinced I’d end up in New York. To me, I had always equated Washington D.C. with people who either worked in or wrote about politics, or with those who were interested in nonprofit work. It’s an incredibly narrow, stereotypical view, I know, but before I moved here, I had only visited D.C. once, when I was a youngster. And all I really remember is going to the Air & Space Museum to escape the freezing cold, rainy winter weather.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am at all unhappy with the change in (hypothetical?) plans; I guess I’m just wildly shocked by how much I already like it here. Two days ago I went on an ungodly early morning run (after waking up with no help of an alarm, thanks to having lived for a week with my sister, who wakes up at, like, 5:30 a.m. to exercise everyday) and I was enthralled by how many people were already out running. Sure, people run in NYC, but they’re typically confined to Central Park because of the nature of the city’s layout. Yet, here, in D.C., it’s much more conducive to running outside. The sidewalks aren’t overcrowded; the buildings aren’t sky-high; the streets aren’t full of mean, aggressive drivers (at least from what I’ve witnessed so far). The best part?: There’s fresh air.

Courtesy of thinklocalfirstdc.com

Courtesy of thinklocalfirstdc.com

I’m looking forward to seeing what else D.C. has to offer. And my exploration is already slightly underway, as this morning, I began what I fondly refer to as Operation: Find a Yoga Studio, with a 6:30 a.m. practice at Yoga District in Dupont Circle. The instructor was incredibly welcoming, but I think I’m looking for a class with a bit more power (strength-conditioning wise, I mean). Of course, I haven’t nixed all classes, or even her class, there, because I’ve only given it one try. But if you, lovely readers, have any studio/class/instructor suggestions, please let me know!


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