Cool Off with the CooLots



This town is such a funny, fantastic place.

I always find us being negatively compared to New York or Boston, but the fact is, people never seem to appreciate DC for what it is separate from the congressional houses and white marbled monuments. It’s not about the place or the politics but the people. It plays a lot into the argument launched at my dinner table last night about how America elects its leaders based on individual personalities rather than party platforms. The U.S. is all about the personalities that makes it dance with vibrancy — and its Capitol is definitely the flagship of the trend.

We met up with Coolots last week at Mousai House, a hotbed for local DC music. The CooLots are an all-female band that takes great pride in being so — what with their strong vocals, intense instruments, and DC heritage, you could tell from the onset that they live what they preach. They reminded me of the fact that this city lives and breathes on diversity; that the way to move forward culturally and socially is to have all-female bands like them that scream from the rooftops that girls can play the drums better than boys and that lyrics like “pussy, money, weed” just aren’t going to cut it for the younger generations (or for anyone).
















In the interview, we asked them what made them different than other DC bands, or even current trends in America. Their sound borrows from rock, hip hop, R&B, and soul, and even influences of GoGo and tribal music, but their final product is purely unique. They sound a little bit like Kings of Leon, a little bit like No Doubt, a little bit like M.I.A. — and still their actual description is nowhere close to any of these. Look at their youtube videos, see them at the DC Fringe; there’s something enlivening about their sound. Something that grips you and holds on without letting go. When I asked them about this, they contributed it humbly to the fact that they use real instruments instead of DJs and backtracks. And that may be true, but I think it’s also because of their vivacity that translates into a contagious energy. Drums and guitars give you sound waves. But only people, and the ideas behind them, can strike your soul.

I loved talking to them. I was tempted to ask if I could stay for dinner after the interview. The community they are trying to build reminds me of everything we should be trying to achieve as a forward moving and modern society. Diversity, inclusion, and female strength are the cores of the future. And the CooLots got the memo before the rest of us.

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