1 proposal, 3(court)dates


By Ally

A few trending stories this week and one intern’s thoughts about them. Happy hunting.

1. DJ Khaled proposes to Nicki Minaj on public television

Earlier this week DJ Khaled got MTV to agree to do a pubic service announcement- like video aimed at the union between DJK and Nicki. It’s such a bummer that this was actually a fluke- Minaj’s pouty look of surprise  when she watched the video seemed so genuine (?!). Now everyone’s tweeting that it was just a publicity stunt- but the whole thing strikes me as suspicious. Not that I’m that big of a fan of ‘All I Do Is Win’, but honestly watching this guy propose with a 500,000 ring is borderline…pitiful. What’s worse is that the entire rap-listening world was up at arms- at the end of the day, we should be palming our own foreheads. Whether it was actually a prank or not, it got the job done. We all listened and appropriately tweeted and face booked and tumbled and called radio stations and emailed TMZ. We’re all that much closer to buying (or illegally downloading) their new collaborative album. So, Nicki, if you really don’t want that ring, I know a jobless student in DC that would be interested.


2.  Bradley Manning “acquitted”

The Washington Post is usually my go-to on all things juicily  media-covered, splayed out on the headlines is the picture we all know will trend for several weeks. But, alas, they failed me on this one. On the cover page, they trumpet the fact that he got off on the “Aiding the Enemy” charge- but he was still brought up on 20 charges affirmatively, and this was meagerly scrolled in tiny lettering underneath.  I understand that the Aiding charge was the true headline breaker because of its novelty- but let’s remember that either way Manning is going to the brig for a very long time because of his involvement in WikiLeaks. If we’re being practical than those two extra charges don’t really matter all that much- but I do agree with the verdict in that sense. Claiming that he aided terrorist groups like Al Quaeda is too much- he did mainly leak videos about military operations, but that doesn’t mean he played an active role in aggression against the United States. That said, there is a reason Manning was tried. It’s his attitude- the records of him saying that he brought in CDs of Lady Gaga, erased the music and put on multiple Embassy files to be smuggled back out of the military base to anyone he could find to listen to them are unnerving. He’s cavalier about it- and it certainly doesn’t give him the look of any semblance of discretion. I don’t agree with the US government about Middle Eastern policy or involvement in a myriad of ways- but pulling a Jason Bourne and going rogue just isn’t going to fly.


3. OJ (the dude, not us) is granted parole

The infamous OJ Simpson received some good news: though he has to serve 4 more years of jail time due to consecutive charges from the 2008 robbery scandal, he has been paroled on certain charges and will therefore serve a much shorter time than originally thought. OJ fascinates me. After being acquitted in one of the most famous trials in the United States, he ends up behind bars because he parades into a hotel room with a weapon to reclaim footballs and jerseys that had allegedly belonged to him twenty years ago. What? You beat the near-impossble odds, you coin “if the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit” and you blow it on JERSEYS? Boo.


4. Tersa Guidice (might) Go to the Big House

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is my guilty pleasure- and to be honest I’m going to be angry if Teresa goes ‘Orange is the New Black’ on me.  But I loathe Teresa- I loathe her for sticking by her imbecilic thief of a husband, I loathe her fake hairline, and I especially hate the Graceland-inspired double doors of her faux-castle. Anyone could tell this was a long time coming- her sleazeball of a partner was accused of being a ratchet landlord and a fraudulent tax filer a while ago. Ah, how the twinkly suburban have fallen…



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