Threading a Movement


by Ally Bailey

Hetero-normativity. It’s an ugly, restrictive thing that does its work in a subtle way, affecting all our lives and perceptions of the world. It has to do with the proliferation of strictly heterosexual content everywhere: in the movies, from our parents, from the government, in the things we read and the people that write them. It is the traditional building block of the western world, that the way to “survive” is to sideline the homosexual, to put all things LGBT out the mind’s eye in an attempt to strangle it. And so far, it’s worked. How many public positive demonstrations of gay themes do you know, compared to the amount of the straight? How many times are we bombarded with heterosexuality, and we realize its oppression? Hetero-normativity is part of a larger theme that seems to smother individuality, to write history from the sole voice of the majority.

The Tapestry Project aims to end hetero-normativity by creating a space where people can talk about the reality of their lives, whatever that reality is. It’s about documenting people that have special stories to tell about the gritty trueness of their existence. They can be gay, straight, bisexual, or purple. It’s about breaking from the sidelines and joining the main stage. Instead of targeting well known crowd pleasers, it seeks out untold histories and experiences.

If you’re interested, go to to learn more, or just to see what we’ve been up to. Fight the system. As clichéd as it sounds, be the exception. Somebody has to.

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