And Now a Message From the Interns


Hello darling readers and OJ fans! The lovely Zack, Joy, and myself have been tasked with helping out with something called the Tapestry Project. And, friends, we need your help! As interesting as our lives are (and we’re definitely cool, we don’t just sit home alone with our dogs and wine coolers on the weekends, we promise…) WE WANT YOU. Allow us to be Uncle Sam for the moment, and hear us out.

Ellen Winter

The beauty of the internet is discussions- conversations that build bridges to places we never knew we’d go. America is always looking for the “voice of this generation,” but the internet has changed the game. It’s not about one voice-it’s about a myriad of them. Let me be cheesy and call it a chorus. We want to hear and record a bunch of tales that frame our joint existence, we want to weave our Tapestry with recollections that tell us about this America we now live in. We are not seeking out one eloquent narrator, but several. We’re looking for honesty and heart, we’re looking for those unforgettable nights and issues that strike you. We want the story that best encapsulates your college days (think solo cups, awkward professor run-ins and crazy exes) and the time you got caught in an elevator with Prince. We want you to tell us why you wanted to dig for fossils in Montana one summer, or the reason you consider yourself a feminist.

To conclude, we love good stories- and we know you do too. So go to our page , watch a few videos and submit your own! Please? With Orange Juice on top??

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