Hashtags Coming to Facebook?!


Yup! It’s true. Clickable hashtags like those used on Twitter are coming to Facebook in the upcoming weeks. #crazy #itstrue #coming soon #betterbelieveit. Soon, all Facebook users will be able to have clickable hashtagged phrases and words in their status updates. Clicking on the hashtag will prompt a pop out feed that aggregates others posts that have been tagged with the same phrase. Essentially, this makes it easier to see what other people are talking about on related topics– something people have typically gone to Twitter to do.

According to Facebook ”hashtags have become “a vital part of popular culture” and since people have been using them on Facebook organically, it has decided to actually implement the feature. I’ve always seen friends on my newsfeed include hashtags in their posts and I think to myself, “Why?! What is the purpose of this?!” There was even a Facebook group opposed to this supposedly illogical use of the hashtag: This is not Twitter. Hashtags don’t work here, or facebook.com/leaveyourhashtagsontwitter.

Today in the office, Will turned to me and said he hears people SAY it in their conversations. For example, “Did you see that?! Hashtag crazy.” I’ve even heard, on numerous occasions, someone say right before they do something stupid, “HASHTAG YOLO!” I don’t know if they’re vital, but hashtags are definitely an ingrained part of our popular culture now.

Facebook has certainly taken cues Twitter. First, verified accounts. Now, hashtags. But the functionality of Facebook’s hashtags will reportedly be very different from what we see on Twitter. According to Fast Company, “what comes up during a search will be limited to only public posts and those made visible to by a user’s friends.”

So, while we’re at it, check out what people are saying about this move on Twitter.

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