Go Orange with OJBG & Join the “Tapestry” Project!


Film maker and creator of the internationally acclaimed LGBT youth web series “Orange Juice in Bishops Garden,” Otessa Ghadar, is taking her new campaign and plea to “Go Orange” to heads of state, legislators and Embassies throughout Washington, DC.

Go Orange” is a special interactive new media “Tapestry” project that provides a safe space, aims to unite LGBT youth around the world, and acts as a catalyst and call for tolerance in countries where sexual orientation is considered taboo.  The LGBT youth community around the world is still very much under-served. Otessa is launching this campaign to raise awareness with top influencers in the most powerful city in the world – Washington, DC.

Capital Pride 2013 is the perfect platform!


As part of “Go Orange” Otessa will be gathering personal messages from top influencers who are willing to go in front of the camera to promote tolerance for LGBTQ youth around the world. She’ll also be collecting vlogs from people of all walks of life about their experiences of youth in order to create a compassionate and caring community online for youth to connect to. If you’re involved in the LGBTQ community and have a message you want to share, we’d love to capture you on film too! Find us at Pride (we’ll be in orange!) or send us an email at reply@twentytwentyproductions.com.

Free tee shirts with the plea to “Go Orange” will be given away during the parade.

T-shirts will also be available for sale online and a portion of each sale will be donated to an organization supporting LGBTQ youth in particular. An app has also already been developed for people to send pictures of themselves showing support and “Going Orange” for the global LGBT youth community and putting their cities on the map.

Some people have already starting showing their support! If you’re a supporter, submit your pic!


Here’s Otessa talking about the power of the web in allowing her to create a community for LGBT youth around the world:

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