Otessa on OJBG Going Viral


At the February 16 premiere party for Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden, Otessa got on stage to answer some questions about the show’s success. I particularly liked the answer she gave to someone’s question on how the show became popular in over 140 countries around the world. Here’s a snippet of her answer, and you can listen to her whole answer with this video:

I would say in terms of the global viral aspect, I think part of it is the fact that when you look at representations of American life, and in particular, representations of American teen and youth life, what do we see? We see things like 90210. We see Honey Boo Boo. We see Gossip Girl. These are really skewed, 1% kind of representations that don’t really resonate with people. And yet, this is what we’re exporting– not just domestically. If you ask anyone in say, France, which is our number 2 viewing country, what kinds of representations they’re getting, it’s going to be something that the average person doesn’t relate to. I mean these are very glossy, beautiful people with beautiful problems and I think it’s just not real, it’s not relatable.


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