OJBG vs. Gossip Girl: Depictions of American Life


In addition to Otessa’s “beautiful people with beautiful problems” explanation of how a relatable show like Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden became popular in over 140 countries, I love this story she told about how her show reached students in Turkey:

Actually, I know that a friend of a friend was teaching English in Turkey and he asked his students, “What kind of shows do you want to watch? We’re going to watch some television shows to acclimate you with American English.”  And they all wanted to watch Gossip Girl. And he was like, “OK, I’ll give you your Gossip Girl, and then I’ll raise you on Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden,” which I thought was very sweet. Apparently he got his entire class hooked because for them they were like, “Wow. This is the antithesis of everything that we’ve ever seen. This is not Baywatch at all.” And that’s what they loved.

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