A Little Minimalist Androgyny for Your Spring Look


It’s FINALLY spring in DC! The weather has been somewhat temperamental this year. With hardly any snow fall and then having highs around 90 degrees in March, the crisp clean sunny days that are now upon us makes it truly feel like spring. The cherry blossoms have bloomed, tulips are everywhere, and people are trading in their rain boots for heels, sandals, and straps.

When we talk about spring fashion, the immediate and obvious trends come to mind: pastels, florals, dresses, bright colors. The arrival of these yearly trends are always a welcome sight. But honestly, I find it difficult to pull of pastels and I’m not too keen on wearing floral patterns. So here’s what I’ve been inspired by lately: minimalist androgyny. Simple color palettes, strong lines, and comfort. Take a look at how some of these ladies pull it off.

J E N N A      L Y O N S


Here is J. Crew’s lovely Jenna Lyons on After Ellen. First, not only is she a fierce, six-foot tall “out” lesbian who left her ex-husband for her current love and partner, but she’s an incredible style influencer and businesswoman.  I’ve talked about how Otessa uses the medium of fiction and film to push boundaries and put LBGT youth experience in a positive light. Jenna Lyon’s journey and success with fashion and style is a similar story. She told Fast Company:

“It’s amazing how cruel kids can be and superjudgmental and really just downright mean. I searched for ways to make things more beautiful and surrounded myself with beautiful things because I didn’t feel that in myself. I felt a huge drive to make clothes that everybody could have because I felt ostracized by that world of beauty and fashion. I never thought I would have a part in it. Never in a million years.”

What I like about her style is that she’s fashionable without being a slave to trends. She has a sense of her own style and totally owns it. She’s beautiful!

5    I N C H    A N D   U P

Style blogger Sandra Hagelstam of 5 inch and up pulls of the androgynous, grunge glam look off amazingly. Here she takes a simple black and white outfit and ramps it up with a ripped knee and pink dyed leather jacket sleeves. Below, she gives you a flirtatious peep show of her heels while maintaining a cool and chic demeanor. In a season where girly spring dresses and florals are expected, simple and strong stripes, carefully placed color accents, and well-tailored pants can end up making you stand out. Plus side, you’ll be comfortable too! Whenever the wind blows in the city I see so many women rushing to hold down their skirts and dresses so as not to flash the world! Pants are a great way to avoid that!

G A R A N C E    D O R E

Garance Dore, photographed here by The Sartorialist, is a style illustrator and street style photographer. Here she takes deep red and green, a pair of flats, and a red lip to create the cutest spring look. The colors are surprising, and the ease at which she looks like in her photo makes this outfit look perfect for the fickleness of spring weather.

Another look from The Sartorialist is this red ensemble. Simple and streamlined, this minimalist outfit is bold and sexy all in one.

W O R N     A B R O A D

Worn Abroad‘s collection of women’s clothing is unique and cool. Otessa recently collaborated with them for their spring video look book with french new wave as an inspiration (soon to be released!). I love their many jackets and light pants that look comfortable and chic. Here, minimalist makeup also enhances the look.

Here are some of Otessa’s mood boards & Pinterest picks for styling the shoot that I think work great for spring. Also, love the hats! What a simple way to add a lot of character to a look!

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