Throwing out the Trash & Cuckolding – OJBG Ep. 6.06 Recap


We were last left with Sarah and Alex working out their inner demons and sharing an intimate dream. Seeing how they stopped themselves from taking another stop down a totally self-destructive path felt like a huge sigh of relief. Good grief! Finally, these girls are learning from their mistakes and, in the case of Sarah, are trying to “Rectify Her Rebound.”

And, in the case of Alex, she is finally movin’-on-with-moving on. The BF and BFF heartbreak is tough, but she’s bouncing back. And let’s take this from the other side now, but Alex is having a tough time coping with the news that her (now ex) boyfriend is gay.  He didn’t tell her. He wrote her a letter.  He’s avoiding her.  Is it her? Is it something she did? Is there something wrong with her? Does it mean she’s somehow less woman-ly, if Davis, who likes boys, liked her?  The answer to all of these is just NO. No, you silly rabbit. But what is youth if not riddled with self-doubt?

And Sarah said it best a while back: “It’s difficult working through those feelings. Learning you don’t need to be ashamed about them. If anything, try to remember that it’s a compliment that he thought that if it could ever work with a girl, it would be you.”

So, yea, a little bit wiser, a little bit steadier is where our cast of characters left off last time…

And we’re so glad because now we can have sweet moments like in this episode, where we can fully enjoy the OJBG girls being cheery and contemplative in their huddle of friendship. Sarah, Alex, and Cassandra traipse around eating wild mulberries and sit in the grass eating waxy old school bottle candy. Throw in a gorgeous secret clubhouse/condemned building and some advice-giving. Cue in the sunshine-y music. Now we have a bonafide 3-way female bonding session.  Erm, except there are 4 here.

One bottle pop… two bottle pop three bottle pop four bottle pop five bottle pop six bottle pop seven bottle pop POP!

Alright, enough of that– time to get honest. Sarah and Cassandra want to know what’s behind Alex’s whole stage fright thing. Apparently, traumatizing kindergarten Christmas reindeer gracefully leaping off the stage is enough to keep a talented girl from singing on stage years and years later. Sarah and Cassandra try to unhinge Alex’s stage fright in the hopes that maybe Alex can sing back-up at their band’s first concert. And how else better to do that than with a camp singalong???

Don’t throw your trash in my backyard, my backyard, my backyard. Don’t throw your trash in my backyard– my backyard’s full–

So it’s really cute as the girls all sing together, but it gets increasingly awkward and tense as Chloe ogles Sarah, hugging her from behind and snuggling behind her ear. So it takes your mind off wondering about Alex’s stage fright and instead makes you think, what is Chloe doing here? No one remembers her at auditions. She doesn’t know camp songs. She doesn’t like candy. Obviously, this girl is questionable.

Aaand speaking of men…. Sarah wants some clarification on “this whole Adrian thing.” Chloe plays aloof, “what Adrian thing?” Oh, you know, nothing… JUST YOUR FIANCE WHO YOU CHEATED ON WITH  SARAH. After having just been cheated on by Gwen, Sarah thinks Chloe should come clean to Adrian. Cassandra and Alex second that. Chloe needs to throw out the trash, and not cuckold. But as manipulative and crazy as Chloe is, she says technically Sarah is the one doing the cuckolding….

Thank you, Cassandra, for butting in and saving us from an even weirder moment between the girls. The crumbs of Sarah’s awkward rebound have invaded band practice, her personal space AND now Cassandra and Alex’s yearning time to be with Sarah.
Cassandra blatantly blurts: “You have to tell him.”  And Alex backs up with: “You gotta take out the trash.”  Sarah: “So are you actually going to SAY SOMETHING. As someone who just got cheated on myself– I would rather be hurt BY THE TRUTH than be LIED TO…”  Hopefully these girls have really knocked home something that makes Chloe feel an ounce of remorse toward Adrian. And hopefully Chloe will remember her fiance Adrian yearning for her back at home and stop awkwardly ogling & canoodling Sarah.  Because Sarah just isn’t a cheater  at heart and she can’t take Chloe’s lies.  Chloe– I think you’ve been served notice.

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