In Her Own Words – Meet the Director


During the Q&A session at the Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden Premiere Party, Otessa spoke a little bit about the web series’ significance to the LGBT community locally and abroad.

“It is immensely gratifying to hear from fans from around the world where being a gay or lesbian teen, having feelings for someone of your own gender is simply not acceptable. We noticed that our show fills a huge void for large audiences in many different countries. That’s why our choice of format for the show, the web series, is such a fortunate one as it allows viewers in those countries to feel acknowledged. While the series is not exclusively dealing with gay and lesbian issues, the fact that we don’t sanitize it gives us truly global appeal, especially with the gay and lesbian community. In fact, demand is such that we are subtitling the show in French and perhaps other languages to even better reach those audiences.”

- Otessa Ghadar,  OJBG  Series Creator/Director

Did you know that OJBG is viewed in over 140 countries around the world– including places like Saudia Arabia, Iran, Sri Lanka, and Senegal? Tragically, many of the countries where OJBG is viewed actually have laws against viewing LGBT content online or even have stricter laws restricting the freedom of individuals to choose their lifestyle. As a show dealing with teen discovery and identity, our hearts went out to all those who have to hide or cannot fully express who they are. Hearing the cast comments during our recent Q&A and hearing what fans have sent to Otessa throughout the years makes us appreciate new media for pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable, giving people around the world a community, and creating fora for discussion and change.

For more information on LGBT rights by country, see here.

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