Collab with Worn Magazine


By Otessa.

I recently helped style and got to film a Nouvelle Vague inspired photo shoot for Worn‘s Spring 2013 look book featuring clothes from Worn Abroad, a street style-inspired collection of clothing and accessories from L.A., New York, D.C., Paris, London, Rio, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Beijing and everywhere in between.

Before writing and directing my own projects and web series, I used to love being a production and costume designer, so this has been a really amazing return to form. With the 6th season of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden wrapping up, I hope to be able to do more projects like this in the future.

As a female filmmaker, I appreciate seeing other women in media who have passionate visions and the will to make it a reality. It was so great to work with Nicole on this project and it was such a pleasure to have an all-female team working together. As a successful artist living her dream and shedding light on DC’s creative culture, Nicole actually has an inspiring story behind her.  She founded Worn Magazine in 2009 to bring greater awareness of fashion and art to the District and to the world. She recently came back from a year-long trip traveling the world and started Worn Abroad to feature new and vintage clothing and one of a kind pieces. I love that she and her magazine are totally committed to cultivating this city’s culture. I think she’s a great representation of what beautiful and creative artists dwell and thrive here. I encourage you all to check out the beautiful items in the Worn Abroad collection and keep up to date on all the great projects Nicole and Worn will be involved with.

I’ll be releasing a video of the shoot soon! Details are to be determined, but stay posted! In the meantime, check out some of our behind the scene photos. Also, I’ve been pinning French new wave-esque images on my Pinterest board for inspiration looks and created these moodboards for the photoshoot.

 And here are some behind the scene shots from the actual photo shoot:

 And here are some great photos from Worn Magazine’s instagram. Be sure to follow them to check out all the great items they’re adding to their clothing store and other great projects!

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