After 6 Years…. It’s a Wrap! Thank You OJBG Fans!


Thank you to all the cast, crew, and fans who came and celebrated the final season of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden with us this past weekend. Over the course of 6 years, the show has become globally viral with viewers in over 140 countries. The Human Rights Campaign has honored the show for making significant contributions to the LGBT community & advocacy.  It’s won OODLES of awards & certificates and even a statuette.  It’s even on TV now!

A web series is more commonplace now. But in 2007– when Otessa started it– it was bizarre.  But she did it anyway.  She was one of the first, and OJBG is one of the oldest, the longest running. It was here when it was weird. When no one understood what the hell “web series” even meant. When it was kinky and strange and ill-advised. Otessa did it anyway.  And all the OJBG cast and fans came with her.

We celebrated the FINAL season premiere this past weekend with dancing, ’90s vintage grunge fashion, lobster rolls and cupcakes, and endless nostalgia. Here are some highlights from the night:

Katerina and Cathy of consignment/vintage shops Meeps and Treasury stopped by with perfectly ’90s inspired mannequins and coupons!

We watched the OJBG Season 6 final episodes on the Dome theater!

Cast members answered audience questions on what it was like working with Otessa and being a part of OJBG.

Cast and crew danced as Beach Week serenaded them with OJBG memories and surf pop.

Otessa and Sarah Hirsch (Cassandra) Rachel Peterson (Alex), Ellen Winter (Sarah) hung out wearing BROADS t-shirts by Shannon Yazurlo. Look at her super cute outfit! Love the jean jacket and knee highs!

And congratulations to our raffle winner who won bout tickets, t-shirts and more from the DC Rollergirls!

And we partied OJBG-style!!!

Cast and crew went out and partied together one last time!

Otessa’s putting her words into a special Director’s Notebook to share with you all…a retrospective of the last seasons. It’s in progress right now, but you will soon be able to purchase your hardcopy cheaply and quickly online. In it, Otessa expresses how much OJBG has defined the past few years of her life and shows her thoughts throughout the filming of the series. In the meantime, you can check out her other books, wardrobe items, and other OJBG memorabilia at our Etsy Shop!

Here are some sneak peeks of the book ;)

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