Berries, Cream & Untold Dreams – Ep. 6.05 Recap


So after a few dark & sad episodes, the bright sunny day we find ourselves in the next episode of OJBG (Berries, Cream, and Untold Dreams) is welcome! With upbeat tunes, innocent candy buttons, and sober kaleidoscopic sights, we find ourselves at “The Cliff”– which isn’t a mysterious and ominous place after all, but a fantastic graffiti-clad cliff overlooking the Potomac River. I like where this heading.

Our two runaways Sarah & Alex are finding sanctuary on the graffiti-clad cliff overlooking the Potomac River, and within each other. They exchange an assortment of candies and–wait, are those smiles I see!? Are our two former teenage debbie-downers being silly??? Finally, these girls look they’re getting back to their old lively selves… But it’s when the berries and cream come out that it gets interesting — or should I say juicy?

Alex removes her sunglasses and gets serious. “This thing, with you and Chloe, it’s bad news bears.  It has to end. It’s self-destructive.” Alex is one to talk, but the girl’s got a point. She tells Sarah that she “needs to stop thinking that she likes everyone she wants to kiss”. Haven’t we all needed to hear those wise words before? Sarah casually asks Alex what’s up. She–unlike all of us–didn’t witness Alex going through her DXM delirium and detox. Alex nonchalantly says she “just needed a day,” but then admits that it’s really her ex-BFF drama with Tamsin that’s gotten to her.  But it seems she’s tired of her drama and she wants to be filled in on Sarah’s life.

To sum it up, Sarah blurts out, ”Oh, my life is F***ed!” Hmm… getting dumped by her girlfriend, then hooking up with her now ex-girlfriend’s subtenant, Chloe, THEN getting walked in on by Chloe’s fiance (who, yes, is a guy), AND missing her band’s first practice on top of all of that— yup, sounds accurate. But Alex, mired in her own woes, has missed all of this. So Sarah regales her friend with all her rebound glories and guilt.

But foolish teens will be foolish teens. Despite witnessing what a fantastic liar Chloe is, Sarah says she actually, genuinely likes Chloe. She tells Alex how she and Chloe donned Frida Khalo eyebrows, went to the Organic foodstore, and wrecked havoc. We remember seeing Alex outside the store that day, looking glum and alone… Pause for the awkward silence as Alex skeptically looks on while Sarah tries to explain why she pretended not to see Alex on her day of need.

Sarah starts nibbling at a blackberry, which I guess triggers something in Alex because now she smiles lovingly at Sarah, wipes Sarah’s mouth with her fingers, and brushes the hair out of Sarah’s face— umm, what’s going on here??? Well, Alex had a dream about blackberries…. A dream in which she and Sarah were wearing Grecian togas and eating the juiciest blackberries. And since they were SO juicy, they started rubbing them all over their faces. So obviously, they started kissing…. and taking off their togas… and kissing other places…

By this point, their faces are inches apart and drawing closer and closer together… and just before their lips meet… Sarah pulls back and restrains herself. Fans were a little upset at that one– sorry gals! Yea, it would’ve been super hot and I love Sarah & Alex. But right now, in addition to being mega-hot, it would’ve been SUPER SELF-DESTRUCTIVE and, yea, ill-advised.

Poor Alex though (rejected again!) –she tries to runaway. But Sarah takes her under her wing. Whatever Alex is running to or from, Sarah tells her that she can’t keep looking for the solution elsewhere. “If the common denominator in all your problems is you, you got to start there.” Wow. Deep words of wisdom, Sarah.

What an INTENSE episode. But you feel good afterwards, like the worst is over for these two girls and the balance has been restored to the OJBG after a few long episodes of mayhem. And now you’re left with a lingering image of Sarah, Alex, and juicy blackberries….

Maybe they can circle back to each other when their inner demons have been worked out…I’d like that.

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