Bitter Besties Ep 6.04 Recap


Before I begin, I would like to address the idea of the Ex-BFF (ex-best friend forever).  Yea, I sound like a 13 year old on an iPhone. But the “ex best friend” theme is an interesting one.

Because — unlike romantic relationships, which as a general rule, are known to carry expiration dates — friendships are rather assumed to last forever. Or at least, to have the capacity to last forever. And yet, sometimes, we break up with our friends, just as we do with our lovers.

And yet, the idea of a friendship break-up isn’t expressed in stories, films, and sonnets the way that heartbreak of the traditional romantic type is.

But in some ways, this makes a friendship break-up almost more bizarre and traumatizing. Because there was no expectation, no framework, and no “Ex-Best-Friend” songs playing on the radio.  And though you might appreciate it, that friend who comes over with snacks & movies when you get dumped, isn’t making any house calls for friend-dumping.   And yet…sometimes best friends still “break up”.


So, where is the Ex-Best-Friend narrative? And why is it missing?

Well here it is…here is one…

All has not been well for our OJBG friends the last couple of episodes. After heart breaks and rebound regrets, friends have gone AWOL and the new band seems like it’s falling apart before they even got started.

But sweet girls that they are, Tamsin and Cassandra try to be the glue and paste up fliers for their band’s first concert. But  Tamsin’s having visions of a missing Alex. “MISSING: Alex – My BFF from the Good ol’ Days.” I don’t think Tamsin’s been sipping the Robitussin, but someone definitely has a guilty conscious– or just a heavy heart. Losing a BFF is tough stuff. We saw how a broken heart led Alex on a ravaging path of self-sabotage and robo-revelries.  Losing a best friend is traumatic enough to give Tamsin visions of her long lost bestie, constantly popping up  in her peripheral vision.

Serendipitously, as band leader Sarah enjoys her “Walk of Shame”, she crosses paths with Tamsin and Cassandra.  Sarah is still reeling from Adrian’s stink-eye, Chloe’s creepy coolness, and getting caught cheating red-handed. Sarah’s all appreciative that the girls have taken the initiative to put up fliers,  but then passes on some pretty macabre advice to Tamsin after she meekly asks Sarah if she’s seen Alex. “You’ve just got to appreciate today because tomorrow’s only going to be worse.” Is that bitterness I taste, Sarah? I guess that’s what rebound taste like.

Tamsin takes Sarah’s advice and treks over to Alex’s house to make amends. She plops down on Alex’s bed to talk. But it’s too soon for Alex to forgive and forget. Writhing in post-robo sickness, she resists Tamsin’s reassurances and lashes out at her to just go away. But girls say one thing and mean another– we know that all this sick puppy needs is some love. We’ve seen how she copes with her emotions alone and that wasn’t a pretty picture.

Alone again, Alex thinks better and picks up the phone to tell Sarah to meet her at “The Cliff”.  That sounds mysterious and ominous.  However, Sarah sounds stoked and “will bring food”.  So, it looks like: “Have Picnic, Will Travel” is on the horizon for next time.  And, I’m glad because I for one would like to see Alex’s frown turn upside down!

But I can’t help but notice that mysterious dark liquid by Alex’s bed. Is that a half-empty glass of robojuice? She must have been way deep down the rabbit hole. I wonder what she saw down there?

I guess we’ll find out next time. We know where to find them. And considering that both Sarah and Alex are coming out of their post breakup rampages and slowly back into the light of reason, it’ll be interesting to see what happens between the two at the cliff. More mistakes? Or just a good reflection of their past ones?

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