Where’s Your Secret Spot?


by Matt

Seasons Greetings Folks! Its good to see everyone alive and well after Christmas and the Armageddon – just kidding.

Since mid-summer, we’ve been on the hunt to locate and report on some of Washington’s most secret spots, artist and events through our Secret Project Blog. The journey hasn’t been a page from Mr. Fudd’s journal; in-fact, its lead us to some great finds.  We stuffed our faces with local and out of state grilled food at Safeway’s BBQ Battle and were introduced to a new type of performance where people listen to a recording while walking through the streets of the District during The Circle. That was only the beginning and the best part is that we have more to come.

To find these places we used what we knew and asked some of our friends their opinions. Now, we thought it would be a good idea to hand it over to our readers. Where is your favorite secret hot spot in DC? Instagram or Tweet a picture and hashtag #OJBG (you can also mention @OJBishopsGarden on Twitter), or post it on Facebook and Tag OJBG and we’ll check it out.  To see pictures that have been tagged with #OJBG so far, you can see them on an interactive map featured on the Go! page of our Secret Project website: http://OJinBG.com/secretproject/go/

Happy Holidays!

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