Our Conservative Youth


By Liz.

So you may have figured out that I’m one of those nostalgic types that will forever pine for the olden, golden times. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when I was looking through Otessa’s Flickr photos today, I was overcome with the sense that my childhood was a WAY better deal than what kids growing up these days are getting.

For one, they’re actually relatively conservative compared to what I was chastised for wearing as a teen (ahem… miniskirts, midriffs, tube tops, ripped jeans, and a slew of other faux-pas). I see teens wearing blazers(?!), 5-inch heels, fitted cardigans, with neatly coiffed hair and matching handbags. This make me so angry because I feel like by acting and dressing like they’re grown ups, young teens are missing a big part of discovering their individuality and self-expression. They’re missing out on what it’s like to make stupid fashion mistakes, try new things, and just generally to be adventurous and defy convention.


That’s why when I see Sarah’s crazy multi-colored hair and the bare midriffs of the OJBG girls in their tutus, I appreciate their wildness and actually being a teen. Oh and BTW, did you see this pic of Otessa’s hair? Love it!

On another note, check out these adorable pictures of children with swag. So I shake my head when I see a 12 year old dressing like she’s 25, but when young kids do it, it’s SO cute! Although, I’m still a big proponent of letting kids run loose and getting dirty :)


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