OJBG Gift Giving Guide – Unique & Thoughtful Gifts



It’s that time of year when you have to show everyone how much you love and appreciate them  in the form of gifts. This can be stressful and bring out the worst in people (just think of people getting trampled, pepper sprayed, & punched in the face during Black Friday–yikes). But, shopping should always be fun! When you find the perfect gift for someone, you feel accomplished–one less person on your gift list–but you also get that gift giving glow from knowing you’ll be making someone feel loved and happy.

With the assortment of online platforms for independent sellers, there are endless ways in which you can find the unique, thoughtful, and reasonably priced gift for every person on your list. Finding out about these places can be the hard part. That’s why I’ve put together a list of places I like and where I think you’ll be able to find some holiday shopping success!

First, because we love supporting our local DC businesses, check this DC-area company featured on DC on Heels‘ Holiday Gift Guide Picks.

Gigee Marie: You’ll find awesome original clutches here. I’m a person who prefers a clutch to a purse, so I love these! And what girl doesn’t need another clutch in her closet?


Panda Head: Also a DC company, our darling Panda Head has an assortment of cute and quirky things for sale, from $5 glitter pins to Day of the Dead masks.


Refinery29: You can find vintage accessories, cute ugly sweaters, and super-covetable gifts and goodies that give back to communities in need– so cool!


Fashion Grunge: They have a pop up Etsy store for the month of December, so be sure you shop here while you can! Their clothes and jewelry are edgy-cool. Definitely worth browsing!

Speaking of Etsy….

OJBG Etsy Store: Did you know that OJBG has just opened its very own Etsy store?? :) Posters and postcards are now available and more will be added! You can find our episodes and ebooks here.


These places should be enough to get you started on your fashionable holiday shopping! And if you have a cool business of your own or have your favorite online shop, we’d love to hear about it and support! Let us know in the comments below! :)

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