Like Our Page on Facebook & Get 15% Off on Etsy!


Hi Everyone! I have great news I wanted to share with you– OJBG has its very own new Etsy store on Facebook! And if you “Like” our page on Facebook you’ll automatically get a promo code that will take 15% OFF all of our Etsy store products! This includes our Sarah & Gwen posters, postcards, OJBG episodes, ebooks and more :) And if you want to shop off of Etsy, just enter the OJBG promo code into the product description box and Etsy will include the discount for you.

We know it’s the holiday season and we want to make sure that all our OJBG memorabilia and keepsakes are easily available to you and at really great prices. So please check it out! It’s super easy and there will definitely be something there for you or someone on your gift list. Happy shopping!

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