Behind the Scenes with Gwen – Exclusive Interview


Hey Everyone :)

Ever want to know more about the actors who play the OJBG characters you love? Do you wonder who they are? How similar they are the characters they play? Now you can find out! Katie Foster, the actress who plays Gwen, sat down with us and gave us a few of her thoughts on her character and life in the OJBG. To watch is easy: just go to our Facebook page, like it, and you’ll instantly get access to this exclusive interview.

Watch it now while you have the chance! And if you want to learn more about Katie, you can read more about her favorite color, special or weird skill, and ice cream of choice  here. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the interview! Leave us and Katie a comment here, on Facebook, or on YouTube. We and the OJBG cast always appreciate your words!




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