Where Do You Sip Your OJ?


Hey everyone :) It’s Liz again.

Just in case you didn’t know, Otessa’s been documenting her trip across the country on Instagram where she took a picture of herself and an orange at iconic landmarks or cool hangout spots. We know we have OJBG fans around the world and this is our project to find out where you all are!

It’s easy to join in! Just take a picture of yourself with an orange or any fruit at your favorite place, tag your location, and use the #OJBG #Freshfruits tags. To follow our #OJBG around the world instagram tour and to show us pics of where you sip your OJ, follow Otessa at @otessamarieghadar.

Here’s her latest pic in Graceland, Tennessee:

And here’s an awesome pic from OJBG fan Vanessa Camozzi – also known as DConHeels:

Getting her pic made our day! :) And here’s our very own Ashley and I showing off how we get our dose of OJBG:

See? It’s simple! :P We can’t wait to see your pics!

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