#WheninDC…. and Other Fun GIFs


By Liz -

Growing up in the DC suburbs and spending a lot of time within the city in my more adult years, I absolutely love this #WHENINDC Tumblr, dedicated to all things DC-centric. Here are a few of my favorites…

When I pass the obscene line at Georgetown cupcake…

but when I actually have one:

And… when someone tells me how exciting their job is on the Hill:


Alternatively, these artistic GIFs by RRRRRRRROLL_gif are whimsically beautiful:

Next are these stunning GIFs from IWDRM, a Tumblr gallery of living movie stills. My favorites include this one from the 1971 movie “Walkabout”:

This one from the 1963 version of the movie “The Pink Panther”:

Last, but not least, is our very own gif of Adrain’s infamous stink eye in Season 6, Episode 1 :

Do you have any favorite GIFs you want to share with us? Send us a link in the comments below or shoot us a tweet @OJBishopsGarden.

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