Crawfish Confessions – Here’s Your Ep. 6.07 Recap


By Liz -

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and Sarah’s love life in tangles, here’s a recap of the latest episode 6.07 (Table for Two?) to get you up to speed on what’s going on in the OJBG.

In our last recap of Ep. 6.06, we got a clue on just how messy things are in the OJBG love triangle between Sarah, Chloe, and Chloe’s fiance, Adrian. Even after being walked in on with a half-naked Sarah in her bed, Chloe was still able to convince Adrian that he had nothing to worry about, and OF COURSE she wasn’t cheating on him with a girl.

Bibs & sailor hats – it’s all so cute as we watch our favorite couple struggle to eat crawfish. But what was supposed to be a romantic candlelit dinner, leaves a sour aftertaste. Before digging in, Chloe symbolically lights her folded paper napkin airplane on fire and while it’s smoking, has it take a nosedive. Chloe is definitely tense. Maybe sensing things, Adrian apologizes for his jealous accusations that she cheated on him with a girl, of all people. And I don’t know what pushed her to do it – was it the idea of tearing apart an animal and sucking them dry, or the way Adrian bit into them with an animalistic snarl? – but instead of toying with her food and the emotions of her fiance, Chloe confesses that she actually did cheat on him– with Sarah.

She admits that she was cruel and that she’s been sabotaging their engagement with her “little fuck-ups.” Wait, is that plural?!? … Anyone remember Travis??? And is Chloe really breaking up with Adrian???

YouTube commenters have let us know how crazy they think Chloe is and how much they dislike Sarah with her. But in this episode, we get a rare glimpse into the more human, remorseful side of Chloe – and it’s strange. You definitely feel bad for her after Adrian leaves and she’s sitting alone at the table, muttering “Okay, hate me. Hate me. That’s good.” Nobody likes a cheater. But I think we’ve all been in that place where our hearts have been pulled in two different directions. And Chloe’s right – engagement for marriage is some heavy shit. Maybe we can learn to hate her a little less? Maybe?

Chloe slips her engagement ring onto her uneaten crawfish. I suppose it’s time Chloe learned that she can’t have her cake (meaning Adrian and Sarah) and eat it too. But does this mean she wants to be in a relationship with Sarah? And we don’t know if Chloe was just a rebound for Sarah’s broken heart, or if she’s looking for something meaningful. Regardless, it’s about time Chloe paid karma’s bill.


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