Being One of the Boys


By Liz -

On the metro this morning, I saw a woman wearing shiny black patent loafers and I fell in love her style. She kind of looked like a little boy, but still had a feminine elegance to her.

Androgynous style has always fascinated me. I think these two outfits give a good idea of how much you can play around with this look. I like the contrast between the baggy and slim look of these outfits.

These deconstructed cut-out boots are also a shout out to the grunge-era with a modern twist – boyish, but still cute.

¬†Also never to be discounted are women who actually wear men’s clothing. I’m forever stealing my boyfriend’s sweaters, jean jacket, and button-ups. I love the way they give me that messy, slouchy look which seems to accentuate the feminine allure. And although she’s a little wacky, I like Chloe’s messy hair and baggy jean jacket in the latest OJBG episode.

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