Awkward Love Trianges… & Here’s Your OJBG 6.6 Recap!


By Liz -

I know the fall is a busy time of year for everyone, so I wanted to give you all a recap of what’s been happening in the OJBG world :)

After being dumped by Gwen via instant messenger, Poor Sarah has found herself the love-object of more than one girl. The build-up of Chloe and Sarah’s flirtatious banter and coy tension has finally ended up with Chloe explicitly putting the moves on Sarah. A vulnerable Sarah ends up being charmed by Chloe’s eccentricities and lured into her bed…. just to be walked in on by Chloe’s boyfriend, Adrian! Okay, so we always knew that Chloe was a little bit wacky, but now that she blatantly tells Adrian there’s nothing to worry about while telling Sarah that she and Adrian are “so over”, Chloe’s “wacky” has turned into crazy manipulative. What are her intentions anyway? And since when was she into girls? Scrambling half-naked out of Chloe’s door Sarah shamefully gets dressed in the alley and goes AWOL, missing band practice and losing touch with her friends.

Meanwhile, Alex has also gone missing. Dumped by Davis (who might be gay? but has definitely been playing the field) and slighted by the affections of Robin (who is now going out with her used-to-be-best-friend, Tamsin), Alex has been on as much of an emotional roller coaster as Sarah. Instead of ending up in Chloe’s bed to drown her sorrows, Alex wallows in a Robitussin-induced high. But distorted colors, lingering memories, and vomit haven’t left her feeling much better. She reaches out to Sarah and they both recuperate from their self-destruction with a little girl-talk, candy, and berries & cream.

But a vulnerable Sarah is irresistible! It seems Alex has had a dream…uh, well another dream.  (Anyone remember this milkshake scene at the Sarah Roberts concert, where Alex recounted bi-curious dream numero uno??)

Well it seems Alex has had a new dream, in which she and Sarah rubbed juicy blackberries all over each other and started kissing to clean up the sweet blackberry juice. Recounting the dream, Alex leans in for a kiss…. and right before their lips meet, Sarah holds herself back. Slighted (again), Alex tries run away. Sarah says she does love Alex, but she just doesn’t want to have sex with her. She offers to take Alex under her wing and imparts some wise advice from her own romantic failings: If the common denominator in all your problems is you, you have to start there.

What’s a girl to do when everyone is throwing themselves at her? Now in Episode 6.6 (Taking Out the Trash), Sarah, Alex, Chloe, & Cassandra bond over waxy candy and old camp fire songs. Sarah and Cassandra try to convince Alex to outgrow her stage fright by singing back-up at their band’s first concert. But Chloe’s presence is a little unnerving – what exactly is she doing here? Besides hanging all over Sarah and evading the question of whether she’ll tell Adrian she just cheated on him with Sarah…. And what is Sarah’s relationship with Chloe at this point?

With so many things up in the air, the only way to find out will be to keep watching! Who do you think Sarah will ultimately end up with?

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