Wednesday Musing — aint no etch-a-sketch home skillet. Are we still into this? Y or N?


by Otessa:

So I may be late to the “game” on this one.  But have you heard about the imminent Diablo Cody “Sweet Valley High” movie?  Is this going to be shockingly amazing?  Shockingly terrible?  I want to hear people’s THOUGHTS on THIS.

dude looks like the old Brawny paper towel guy

Says Diablo Cody in an interview with Indiewire: “I want it to be wonderfully nostalgic…I want it to be to the ’80s what ‘American Graffiti’ was to the ’60s. I want it to be looking back on a really cool time and enjoying yourself and I want it to be glamorous and colorful and bubblegum and a feast for the senses. That’s my plan.”

too good to be true?

I am excited-with-trepidation. It could be AMAZING. It could also…fail miserably.

Thoughts?  What’s your take on Diablo Cody? Brilliant? Become a pastiche of herself?  Our 3rd wave feminist savior?

Feels like  I should start my own cover of Le Tigre’s “Cassavettes”…but penned to Cody.


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