The OJBG Vault


By Joe

I have some bad news… At the end of this month (October) the first season of everyone’s favorite web series (Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden of course) will be put in ‘the vault.’ Not to worry there are a couple of options for you to enjoy season 1.

You can buy season one episodes in the OJBG store where you can also pick up other great items including posters, postcards and ebooks (and don’t tell anyone, but I hear some pretty sweet tee shirts might be coming soon)!

You can also watch the first season online over and over again until you know every line and every shot, or at least until they disappear on Oct 31. And then you can reenact the first season with your friends!

I know what you’re thinking. This must be some kind of joke, a Halloween trick, but I assure you it is not a trick, but you can treat yourself to all the episodes in our first season. So what are you waiting for head on over to the OJBG store and download your favorite episodes!

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