Few things


by Otessa

This week I am very much digging…

  • 1. Yummy artisanal marshmallows.

Like these from the district’s own Karen Mary Co.

photo from here

  • 2. Watching Roller Derby

my pic from here

  • 3. OJBG on TV

Orange Juice in Bishops Garden made the jump from online to *ON AIR*! You can watch it on greater DC metro TV every¬† Monday & Saturday, at 10:30pm on Comcast channel 95 or Fios/RCN channel 10… EEK!!

yes, I took a picture of the tv. this is happening.

  • 4. Rifling through old high school/college/etc pictures.

Even just the smell of the processing chemicals makes me wistful. I’ll be posting some pics through out the week. So stay posted if you like that sort of thing.

like this one

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