An OJBG October


By Joe –

I love October, don’t you? The leaves are changing and the weather is getting a little cooler and isn’t as muggy! It’s also my birthday month and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love halloween or Columbus day (a.k.a. random day off)? In my opinion October is always a good month, but if I do say so myself this October has been a great month for OJBG!

First, the sixth and final season launched at the beginning of the month — Don’t forget to let us know how you are liking it so far on Facebook and Twitter (#OJBG). If you’re behind, no worries you can catch up here.

We also launch a Tee Shirt shop. Who doesn’t want a “Hey Boobless” shirt or to remind people “That’s Janky”  :) Now you can not only show your OJBG love online, but you can show your support in the real world. Our tees are great conversation starters at parties too! Have a suggestion for a new shirt… let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

One of the most exciting things about this October for OJBG is the fact that we are now not only a web series, but also a TV show. DCTV, Comcast 95/RCN 10/Verizon 10, has started to air the first season on Monday and Saturday nights at 10:30! Don’t forget to set your DVR’s or to plan your screening party (I’m sure there are some good drinking games you could come up with)! Visit the DCTV website to find out more about their schedule

We also have a lot of other things going on in terms of contest! We think it’s time for a new poster, so we narrowed it down to two choices and are letting you help us decide which one it will be! Vote here. We are going to be putting out some new postcards too, again we narrowed it down a little, but in the spirit of the election are letting you make the final decision with our ongoing OJBG Postcard Playoffs! Vote here.

So as I’m sure you can tell this has been a busy month for us and I’m sure it will only get busier as the year goes on!

P.S. Don’t forget (like you could right) to nominate us for a Streamy!

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