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by Otessa

The things I like this week….

1.Worn is back

I went to the Worn Magazine Launch this Sunday, at the Capitol Skyline.  It was a chilly night, but lovely.  I rarely make it out on Sundays to do anything outside of the mature-grown-up-errands-and-grocery-shopping-variety, so it felt sort of like playing hookie.  Here’s to Issue #4!  And congrats to Nicole Aguirre & Eric Brewer: what a well-executed & beautifully shot issue it is.

I took this picture while there. I like it…think it turned out quite nicely with the striking outfit that Emma is wearing, combined with the wallpaper. I’ve become really enamored (ahem, maybe obsessed?) with Instagram.

Emma looking striking at the launch. Photo taken by me...I like Instagram

2. Instagram me @otessamarieghadar

Follow me, if you’re so inclined (:
or here too.   I photo document frequently, but not overly.

and speaking of launches… let’s circle back to another one.

3. Season 6 of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden

The 6th and final season of one of the longest running web series STARTS TOMORROW.  More 90s teen nostalgia, set in DC.  Oh, and the show is making the jump from online to on air in the next month, when it starts broadcasting on DC TV.  Watch HERE tomorrow for the beginning of the wonderful jankiness.  Here’s a still to tide you over.


Anyone recognize where this is?

4. Umba Box

This just showed up on my radar… I’m not a subscriber and in fact I only just found out about them.  But Umba Box looks amazing, and I am already smitten just with the idea.  Handcrafted goods, a la Etsy, but combined with the secret-mystery-gift-box-of-the-month idea.  Pretty excellent.

Also, the founder of Umba Box, Lauren Thorp, is a young female entrepreneur…from Washington DC! There just aren’t that many of us young female business owners. (Sometimes I wish we could have a secret treehouse/clubhouse for all of us.  Ridiculous! But I do.)

So I would like to tip my hat to her and say congrats on the Washington Post Capital Business mention.

Umba Box

5. Stewart & Claire Lip Balm

I want this soo madly. I have a bit of “a thing” for lip balms.  I want the one  made with TARRAGON!  I lurrve the smell of tarragon.

stewart & claire = aspirational lip balm

Also catching my eye are the: Summer Herbs scent (basil, mint, lavender, and coriander seed) and the Old Fashioned (with cedar, bitter orange and a touch of vanilla and cinnamon, this balm is reminiscent of a bourbon-based drink–or your grandfather’s pipe).

They also do bespoke lip balm?!? Amazing.  Here’s their website.

6. Aromatherapy…21 drops

So I’m feeling under the weather. (Uhm, me and everyone else I think.  It’s that period of seasonal-switch-up that fells us all.) Anyways, thanks to my latest Birchbox…I was introduced to 21 drops’ “Focus” aka #9.  And despite my being sore and achy and potentially-vomitous, this roll-on bottle lives up to its name.  It is a little bit of uplifting, and a lil’ bit of a Stiff Upper Lip. It kept me working, in spite of feeling sick. Perfect.

Number 9...Number Nine...

7. This SHIRT

I’m pretty thrilled by it and it reminds me of being a 90s teen. You can get it at Wasteland.

found my fall look?


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