A few things Going-out-Guide


by Otessa
A few things for the weekend…let’s do this like a Choose Your Own Adventure.

  • Are you SICK this weekend?

1. Misfits the UK show

It is super catchy with snazzy writing. And yes, it has a stoopid sounding premise– but it transcends this 100%. I ignored the show for ages, based on the premise, and I was robbing myself.  Just ignore the log-line (which is off-putting) and dive into the first ep. You’ll be hooked.  PS It’s on hulu.



2. The French Underground -

La resistance brought to you by BYT + La Maison Francaise (10/12 + 10/13)


3. Feather forests by Panda Head –

to be found at #2. Cool.


4. DC Roller Girls at the DC Armory
Roller Derby — 2 bouts 10/13. Lots of excitement.

Sally forth! And enjoy your weekend.

photo from here

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