Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden’s Relationship Recap


By: Cristina

Over the course of five seasons, the characters of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden have experienced the best and the worst of relationships. Season 6 is no exception and I thought a “Relationship Recap” would be a fun thing to explore.

Sarah & Kris
Who could forget OJBG starting out with two girls, some orange juice, and an awesome view of DC from a rooftop? Sarah and Kris are the epitome of best friends.

Remember Sarah getting caught kissing Jake by Maggie and the disaster that ensued? Kris was there for her.

Remember Colin releasing his anger for his dad’s adultery on Kris? Sarah was there for her.

Remember Kris trying to go too far with Slake and getting rejected? Sarah was there for her.

Through thick and thin they will always have each others backs.

What’s your favorite memory of these two besties?

Alex, Tamsin, Libby, & Remi
What a crazy ride these guys have had! How many of you have exposed a friend’s lie and vow to never speak to them? Did you feel sorry for Remi when she went through this with her friends?

Starting out all wild and happy, Remi couldn’t keep up the charade forever. She’s was exposed by an intoxicated Libby after Remi stopped Alex from being raped at a rave. She becomes the outcast and spends the rest of season 3 alone and ignored.

Did you guys forgive your friend like Alex, Tamsin, and Libby? Missing her so much, they decided to forgive her and have an awesome rest of the summer, filled with veggie fishing and fireflies.

Everyone loves a love triangle, right? Have you liked the same guy or girl as one of your friends? Did they end up going out instead of you?

That’s what happened to Alex last season when she and Tamsin were interested in Rob. Their happy friendship takes a turn for the worst when Alex catches Rob and Tamsin kissing. Angry and hurt she argues with her friends and ends up alone and sad at the end of season 5.

What do you think will happen in season 6? Will Alex makeup with everyone?

Dating is one of the best parts of a relationship, right? The happiness of being with the other person and feeling like you guys were meant to be.

How happy Sarah and Gwen were after Sarah comes out to her parents. What fun Tamsin and Rob had on their picnic date in the field. So many happy memories.

Things are not always as they appear to be.

Has anyone been cheated without having a clue that it’s happened? Did you feel like Alex when Sam kept talking about how different she was from Jackie (Strawberry Shortcake)? Or like Sarah when she found out that Gwen had kissed another girl? Were you surprised that Chloe cheated on Adrian, twice? What do you think’s going to happen if Adrian catches Chloe + Sarah?

Some things can’t last forever.

Maybe you two were going to separate ways, different colleges or different states. Did you have “the talk” like Ryan and Yasmine and decide to breakup? How hurt were you when you got dumped out of the blue? Did you feel for Sarah when Gwen dumped her over AIM? Did you see it coming or were you just as surprised?

Let us know what your favorite pairing has been so far!

Sarah + Gwen

Roxie + Adrian

Chloe + Adrian

Chloe + Sarah

Laura-the-Goth + Travis

Tamsin + Rob

Ryan + Yasmine

Alex + Davis

Alex + Sam

Whether they’re truly in love (Sarah & Gwen), obsessed (Roxie for Adrian, Adrian for Chloe), abusive (Laura-the-Goth & Travis), or confused (Alex for Davis and Sam), the relationships in OJBG have covered the spectrum of love and hate.

Season 6 is going to continue delving into the hearts and minds of the OJBG cast and you’re just going to have to watch and find out what comes next in this final season of OJBG on October 3rd!

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