Music Monday: Soooo… Snoop Lion?


by Will:

So, I’m a frequenter of various internet meme and viral sites like BuzzFeed and Reddit (A: Midnight), with that in mind, I see a lot of weird crap on the internet. So last week when I saw a bunch of “Snoop Lion” stuff flying around, and I thought nothing of it, as it was probably just another “Paula Deen and Katy Perry are the same person” things. Nope… I was mistaken, this is totally legit. Snoop Dogg is now known as Snoop Lion, because screw everything you thought you knew about the world!

But for real though… Snoop Dogg Lion apparently had somewhat of a re-awakening in Jamaica where a Rastafarian priest dubbed him a Lion… or something like that, I don’t know. Regardless, It’s Snoop Lion now, and I’ve got to say, not a terrible choice of animal to go with. Lions (along with all cats larger than me) are up there next to bears on my “animals you poop your pants at the sight of in the wild” list, like this guy.

So yeah… Snoop Lion. He’s got a new rasta single out now called “La La La” and will have a documentary about his trip to Jamaica and his “reawakening” soon. At the end of the day though, I think Snoop wins the “weird rapper name change” title, just edging out Puffy’s various monikers. Is it weird? Yeah. Am I surprised? Not really. Is it another sign of the Mayan 2012 apocalypse? Yeah, probably, whatever.

PS, this is amazing:

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