Music Monday: New Darkest Hour Music Video


By: Will

Darkest Hour is probably my favorite local DC bands… and I mean local local, so local that I remember seeing pictures of one of the guitarists in the same middle school guitar class I was sitting in, years ago. So, obviously I didn’t miss the release of their latest video for the song “Severed into Separates” from their seventh album The Human Romance, late last week.

What’s interesting about this video, is that it isn’t your average, put the metal band in some trashed looking set, while some random b-roll stuff happens in cut aways. The video was shot entirely by some Hungarian film makers known as Milhaszna Film, and features some cool motion graphics, along with some interesting cinematography. It’s pretty artsy, but not in that “this makes absolutely no sense, but I’m going to pretend it does” sort of way, so the general appeal is still there. Even if you’re not into all that loud rock’n'roll devil music, it’s worth a watch, just for the visuals alone.

The Human Romance is out now, available for purchase on iTunes and everywhere else. You can find out more about Darkest Hour at their website, and make sure you visit the filmmakers’ Facebook page as well.

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