Music Monday: New Blaqk Audio Album Coming in September!


by, Will:

So let’s see… of the various styles of music I’ve blogged about, we have rap, indie pop, metalcore, blues rock, and lord knows what else. Heck, let’s add some electronica to that list too! Because I apparently have no defined tastes…

AFI is one of my favorite bands, ask the Sing the Sorrow tattoo on my elbow, so naturally back in 2007 when lead singer Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget released a spin off electronic project under the moniker Blaqk Audio, I paid attention. I’m glad I did, because their debut album CexCells was awesome! Catchy, a little bit raunchy (note the word play on the title), and had some really great vocal work from Havok, it was great fun, saw them preform live and all was well. Sure enough though, Havok and Puget would eventually go back to AFI, where the band would release their latest album Crash Love in 2009. The question was, when would Blaqk Audio come back? Somehow, everyone learned the name of the next album Bright Black Heaven in what seems like years ago, but the specifics of the project were a mystery for a very long time… that is, until last week.

September 11th, 2012 is when the new album drops! Praise the electro-pop gods!

My reaction to the news was simply: “Finally!” It has truly been too long. Over the past few years, new songs have trickled out from the duo, some on the album, some not, some being ripped from the radio and some just randomly put up on Puget’s soundcloud account. There had been a new song on some that-guy-from-Twilight-who-isn’t-the-vampire movie soundtrack (yeah, I don’t pay attention to that stuff) and then another song showed up on the latest Batman video game soundtrack, sure, whatever. But finally, finally the release has been nailed down, and the 12 track album will be out this September via Superball Music.

Below you can listen to the song “Ill Lit Ships” which I believe will be the first single off the album (even though it first came out two years ago, seriously… been waiting for awhile). Followed by that is the track “Again, Again, and Again” one of my favorites from CexCells.

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