Music Monday: Mr. Bean wins the Olympics


by Will:

Four years ago, I was fearing for my life, as I sat down, watching the masterful precision of the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, thinking it was probably time to learn Mandarin, as I prepared to welcome the new Chinese overlords. Thankfully, that never happened… yet, but flash forward four years and we get the polar opposite opening ceremony, which can only be described as “lolwut?”

Beckham on a Boat? Sure, why not? Matt Lauer going along with the joke about how the Queen totally jumped out of the helicopter a little too long? Yeah, sorry Matt, I’m not that dumb. Industrial revolution era Abraham Lincoln looking business men dancing to some sick beats? Okaaaaaay… Yeah, kind of an odd mix of an opening ceremony, but there was one stand out of the entire night that really stood out.

Mr. Bean straight killing it on the piano. Talk about a virtuoso!

No but seriously, that was hands down the best part of the entire ceremony. Seriously, who doesn’t love Mr. Bean? He’s great. I suggest you watch his masterful performance here, which I’d embed if NBC was cool, but their not. Talk about a musical genius!

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